How long does SEO take to boost your Google rankings?

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One of the most popular questions that businesses ask us is “how long does SEO take?”. Obviously businesses and industries are all different so it does vary. However, we have put together what we believe is the average for most businesses.

Think long term

You need to look at search engine optimisation as a long term goal, a slow burn so to speak. You can’t just wave a magic wand and suddenly start getting hundreds or thousands of visitors every day. It takes time and effort.

If you do put the time and effort in then you will start seeing results, if you don’t then there is probably something wrong.

How long before you should you expect to start seeing results? 

When you first start and SEO campaign you likely won’t see any increase in impressions until after at least 3 months, nothing major but at least a few more than you were getting. However, if you are in a competitive space then you may find that it will take bit longer as it will be much harder to compete for those valuable higher rankings.

After 6 months your impression rate should definitely be going up for your chosen keywords and you should be seeing an increase in traffic from Google. Again, this all depends in the industry you’re in, location, competitors etc. After a year your SEO campaign should be kicking in and you start to notice an increase but it will be year 2 when you will see the bulk of your results now coming in from Google as you will have now built up your authority and trust with Google.

What do you need to do?

OK, so you now know how long it will take to start driving leads to your business website but what is actually needed to get the results in these timeframes?1. Linkbuilding
You need to start building links to your site from other authority domains related to your industry or field of expertise. Even something as simple as a mention in a blog post or directory listing. These all add valuable juice to your Google ranking. DO NOT purchase links as these will probably include links from unrelated, fake and blacklisted sites which you will be penalised for…and it’s very hard to increase rankings once you have been penalised by Google. We recommend at least 5 – 10 links per month.
2. Creating content
You should be generating ongoing content for your site. We recommend at least 1 blog post a week which can be anything from industry news, events, tips, advice or anything you think will add value to your customer base and people who will be searching for you products or services. These should also include your chosen keyword phrases for what you want to rank for. 
3. Social signals
These are mentions, posts, comments etc from any of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram etc. You should be actively engaging, posting and promoting your business on these sites on a weekly basis. 

If you follow these 3 steps then you will start seeing results for your business website. 

If you need any further advice or help with this then please get in touch with one of our SEO experts and we’ll put together a SEO strategy for your business. 

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