Get your Business found locally on Google Maps

Searching for a small business website on mobile

If you are a small business such as a restaurant, plumber or builder that offers products and services mainly to clients in a certain area local to your business location then one of your top marketing priorities should be to get your business listed and found on Google Maps by setting up your Google Business Page.

It is also more necessary now that over 70% of searches are now on mobile so Google local search makes it really easy for your clients and customers to find you.

Why Google Maps?

Having your business listed on Google Maps allows users searching for your services and products in your area to find you easily on the map which is usually displayed at the top of the Google search results. Not only is this an easy way to get on the first page of Google but it also allows users to see other useful information such and opening hours, services, contact details and images of your business.

How to get your business on Google Maps

To get your business listed on Google Maps you need to first set up a Google Business Page.

Setting up your Google Business Page is relatively straight forward but here are a few tips to making sure your business is set up properly and displayed on the map.

Tips to getting a good ranking on the Google Map

  • Create your Google Business Profile
  • Add your business name, type of business and location to the title i.e Advance Online | Website Design Sydney
  • Fill out all your business information – about, business hours, services, images. The more the better.
  • Create a specific location based page/s on your website. i.e. Web Design Melbourne. This will help Google understand a bit more about where your business is located.
  • Add your business to any local business directories such as Yellow Pages, True Local and any other specific local directories. Consistency is key her so make sure all your business information is consistent: Business name, phone numbers, address, email etc.
  • Get online reviews from your Google business page.
  • Create locally relevant content such as helpful blog posts or information about what your business can provide to people and local businesses in the area.
  • Add location based hashtags to social media posts

By following these tips then you will be well on your way to getting your business found locally on Google Maps by people looking for your products and services in your area.

At Advance Online we specialise in designing and developing websites for small businesses. If you have any questions about this article or would like help in getting your business online and getting found in the search engines then contact us for a free consultation.

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