Website hosting follows a similar process to setting up a small business:

  1. Register your business name – domain name
  2. Rent some office space – Website hosting
  3. Move in and decorate – Website

The first part is to register your domain name then you lease some space on a website server then upload your website to the server. Hey presto, now people can start browsing your business online. The domain name is just the address of where your website lives whereas the server is where all the data that makes up your website is stored. You’re domain name and hosting server can be on different accounts. The domain name is just a way of telling the browser to point to a particular server to get access to the website. Once the user has typed in the domain name then it is the servers job to serve the requested files to the user. Have any questions? If you have any questions about website hosting then please get in touch. 0416643727 rob@advanceonline.com.au

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